The Music Explosion - Anthology

1 - 2

Format: MP3 (320K)
Tracks: 21
Label: One Way Records
Year: 1995

One-hit-wonder Ohio garage band that reached number two in 1967 with "Little Bit O'Soul," a great gutsy pop/rock number with a classic bass-organ riff. Whatever personality they may have had was coated in the studio by producers Jeffrey Katz and Jerry Kasenetz, who would soon help create bubblegum with acts like the 1910 Fruitgum Co. and the Ohio Express. The Music Explosion didn't have nearly as juvenile a sound as those groups, but they never latched onto another piece of material nearly as attention grabbing as "Little Bit O'Soul," entering the Top 100 only once more with the tiny hit "Sunshine Games." -Allmusic-


61 y 49 said...

Muy agradecido por la aportación. Que vuelvan esas finas corbatas y el garage de botines (lo digo por el bien del pueblo). Un saludo.

sweetbeats said...

Thanks for Sharing- BubbleGum and Budda Records Rule ! - Jason