The Dubrovniks - Medicine Wheel

1 - 2

Format: MP3 (320K)
Tracks: 12
Label: Normal Records
Year: 1994

The band were first established in August, 1986 when Radalj teamed up again with James Baker (by then ex-Beasts of Bourbon), together with Boris Sujdovic (ex-Rockets, The Scientists, Beasts of Bourbon) and Peter Simpson (Spectre's Revenge) as the Adorable Ones. Within a year the Adorable Ones had renamed themselves The Dubrovniks in honour of the fact that Radalj and Sujdovic were both born in the historical Croatian city of Dubrovnik. The band having to change names as there already was a Brisbane band with that name... -Wikipedia-


robert pally said...


Do you have anything by the Turbo Hy Dramatics?



golden brown 77 said...

I don't have any of Turbo Hy Dramatics.

the catman said...

Man, I really love that cover! What a gorgeous girl. I have the CD, it's excellent - I think the best effort from these guys. And DEFINITELY the best album cover...

Anonymous said...

your fav dubrovniks ?

thanks for your fabulous work


Mario said...

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