Pink Floyd - Relics Plus (1967-1971)

1 - 2
Format: MP3 (320K)
Tracks: 19
Label: Bootleg
Year: ????

While Pink Floyd are mostly known for their grandiose concept albums of the 1970s, they started as a very different sort of psychedelic band. Soon after they first began playing together in the mid-'60s, they fell firmly under the leadership of lead guitarist Syd Barrett, the gifted genius who would write and sing most of their early material. The Cambridge native shared the stage with Roger Waters (bass), Rick Wright (keyboards), and Nick Mason (drums). The name Pink Floyd, seemingly so far-out, was actually derived from the first names of two ancient bluesmen (Pink Anderson and Floyd Council). And at first, Pink Floyd were much more conventional than the act into which they would evolve, concentrating on the rock and R&B material that were so common to the repertoires of mid-'60s British bands. -Allmusic-

This CD contain the LP "Relics" with 8 bonus tracks from singles (1967-1971)


josechu modforever said...

En el tema Pink Floyd es que soy un poco pijo, me vá mucho más su primera época y si es con Barrett, mejor.
Un saludo Goldenbrown!!!

Anonymous said...

As always Thanks Goldenbrown77! The Pink Floyds 'Relics Plus' seems to contain a crc-error (arnold layne)?

josechu modforever said...

No, si lo decía precisamente por eso, por su primera época, este disco me vá. Por cierto, ya que comentas lo del nombre de Pink Floyd te podrás imaginar de donde sacaron el suyo los "Anderson Council".

Anonymous said...

having the same problem as well with winrar :(

Anonymous said...

I also had promblems to un-rar this file. disc two appears missing.

Anonymous said...

hello goldenbrown. i too am having problems with the files. i downloaded both parts two times and i also get a crc error using unrarx. thank for your efforts!

Anonymous said...

3 dl
files don't work for unrar

golden brown 77 said...

NEW LINK for first file. Sorry for the problem.
Josechu, lo del nombre de Anderson Council lo lei en tu blog (la verdad es que no lo sabía).
Un saludo.

Chuck said...

Muchas gracias. Cuando os hagáis más viejos os irán gustando más los floyd. Saludos.

rakeback said...

Amazing. Pink Floyd still remains my favorite group from the 1970's, along with Led Zeppelin.

ElementaryPenguin said...

Correction. Biding my time doesn't work in the first (1) download, but it does in the (2). I was just confused and thought that disk two was separated and in (2), whereas it actually contains the whole collection.