Downliners Sect - The Definitive (Singles A's & B's)

1 - 2
Format: MP3 (320K)
Tracks: 29
Label: See For Miles
Year: 1994

Of all the British R&B bands to follow the Rolling Stones' footsteps, the Downliners Sect were arguably the rawest. The Sect didn't as much interpret the sound of Chess Records as attack it, with a finesse that made the Pretty Things seem positively suave in comparison. Long on crude energy and hoarse vocals, but short on originality and songwriting talent, the band never had a British hit, although they had some sizable singles in other European countries. Despite their lack of commercial success or appeal, the band managed to record three albums and various EPs and singles between 1963 and 1966, with detours into country-rock and an EP of death-rock tunes. Although they recorded afterwards, it is the Sect's early work that continues to attract connoisseurs of '60s garage and punk. -Allmusic-


Outdoor Miner said...

bienvenido!! se te echaba de menos

Trolley said...

awesome - been looking to be introduced to the downliners for awhile!

golden brown 77 said...

Yes Trolley, great compilation.
Outdoor voy a actualizar tu blog en mi lista, que creo que lo has cambiado.

61 y 49 said...

joer que gran grupo! Precisamente no hace mucho hice una pequeña reseña y utilizé este recopilatorio para ofrecer algunas canciones a los parroquianos.

Aqui lo puedes ver


golden brown 77 said...

Gracias por la info 61 y 49.
Muy buen grupo Downliners Sect.

Gilbert Necessary said...

Thanks so much for this! Many of the garage bands in New Zealand were heavily influenced by Downliners Sect and Pretty Things. Great to finally hear them!

Come check out my blog for some NZ garage and psych! Including a beat record by the NZ band The Pleasers, but not the "thamesbeat" band posted on your site.



golden brown 77 said...

Good blog Gilbert Necessary.

The Bomber said...

Pedazote de banda...grandes muuuy grandes y tan poco conocidos.